Merci beaucoup d’avoir mis tant d’émotion dans le texte anglais. Par exemple, au chapitre 13, vous décrivez si bien les évènements en anglais que le souvenir de ces moments m’a fait couler des larmes. J’ai même ressenti plus d’émotion que dans le texte français. Il y a aussi des parties où j’ai rigolé. Vous avez su garder le ton du livre.
– Antoine Ongolo, Une lettre à Dieu / A Letter to God

I appreciate your professional work and your commitment.
– Ludmila, Aladdin Travel, Tel Aviv

Ghislain thank you so much. The letter looks like a masterpiece now. It is very appreciated and your work is excellent. You have very good skills at seeing what the consumer wants.
– Dayton Wilson

Ghislain surpassed our expectations in all aspects. The translations were excellent and deadlines were taken very seriously by him. I especially liked his critical eye and that he asks questions in case anything is not clear – he doesn’t just translate what he thinks it may be, but assures first that he fully understands everything. Needless to say we will continue to work with Ghislain!
– Ralph Delis, Casitas Select, Andalucia, Spain

2 thoughts on “Clients

  1. Gerard

    The world is a better place because you are placing your great skills of language and sensitivity at the service of compassionate communication. I wish you every success, Ghislain. Gerard Norton, Dublin, Ireland.

  2. Antoine D Ongolo

    Bonjour M. Ghislain,
    J’ai fait une petite visite sur votre site, et je suis fier de lire mon commentaire dans l’espace “clients”. Je réaffirme, en effet, que vous avez fait un excellent travail.
    Merci encore!


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